Ready or Not

I have contemplated writing a blog for some time now. It’s not because I have something great that needs to be shared, but because I have a great need to get my words out and having an audience to share them with, even if the audience is small or imaginary, helps me choose my words.  I have thought about the blog title, the subject matter & titles of posts and layout way more than I care to admit.  I believe words are powerful.  They have the power to praise or curse, to encourage or tear down, to wound or to heal, to cheer or sadden, to entertain, challenge or frustrate.  They have the power to elicit responses, evoke memories, to recall past words that hopefully brought growth, stir debates, capture and ignite imaginations and move us toward our dreams. Because of the power of words, I choose to write, on purpose.  That is, I strive to choose my words purposefully.  There is the real fear that I will be misunderstood.  I think this is common among writers, at least the writers I like to read.  It’s a risk, and I guess I’m taking it…ready or not, the door has been opened.


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