The Next Penn & Teller

Shortly after I shared the news of my diagnosis, I received a message from a childhood friend. She stated that I had come to mind in previous days and she recalled a memory from third grade. Did I remember the robot we invented, she asked.  Oh yes, I remember the robot.  It was huge in the eyes and minds of third graders.  It was big enough, that I probably still owe her mother a couple of rolls of aluminium foil for all that we used to cover that thing!  I loved her brief description of the day we presented our invention to the class.  She recalled that we “wowed our audience of Morley 8 year olds” and she’s right, we did.  She described it spot on when she said “it was magical”.  The class could not figure out how that machine spit out cards saying “yes, no or maybe so” to the questions they would ask.  Did I mention, we were in third grade? It was cool! We were cool! It was also 40+ years ago, so we were more than a little progressive in our thinking.


Her message has been a source of refreshment to me on multiple days since receiving it.   It was nice to be reminded of carefree childhood days.  This friend and I shared a great deal of our childhood together biking to each other’s houses, having sleep overs as often as allowed, creating our tradition of making poster sized birthday cards for one another, spending time at her family’s ranch, multiple weeks at summer camp.  It was a good childhood.  It was good to return to a ridiculously fun moment in our shared past.

My days are pretty grown up right now.  There hasn’t been much that I would say has been carefree about the past few weeks.  That’s not to say they have been all bad, just a whole lot more grown up.  While facing the moments, and looking into a lot of unknowns with cancer, I am thankful to know what carefree feels like and am eager to return to that in some way in the future.  There will still be grown up stuff. We are kind of stuck with that. But, there will be moments, that hopefully turn into days, that feel a lot more carefree.

Thank you my friend, for sharing my youth. Thanks for taking me back to carefree days and thanks for believing “we were likely the next Penn & Teller had we pursued the act!”

childhood2 childhood4 Scan0006

As I don’t readily know if I could find any pictures of the two of us, I’m throwing my siblings under the bus with some childhood photos.

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