Diane and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! 

Borrowing from Alexander’s memorable day, I present my day. It  began as planned. My friend came and picked me up as we headed off so I could get treatment number two. She had a red cape on her lap and my cape was in my pack, so we were good to go.

This post is mostly an update. I didn’t know a better way to do it. 

To my dismay, things didn’t go anything like they did two weeks prior. The RN’s were as pleasant and proficient as ever, but the port was not cooperating. The glitch with the port, combined with some discomfort prompted some new (new to me) tests. The dye study and Doppler showed leakage in the port catheter and a clot to be dealt with. Rats! Phewy! And a few more emotionally charged words. 

The plan is a port removal and replacement in the morning and treatment two on Wednesday. These glitches are not fun. They are annoying. They are discouraging. They are part of the stupidness of all of this. 

As the shock of all of this is settling I can say that I still hate cancer, but I LOVE the encouragement received today by those who went out of their way to don superhero attire and post photos. Capes to Conquer Cancer!!! I am humbled and thrilled by the support. Today’s posts are still bringing me smiles. 😊 

So while it has been kind of cruddy with the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad glitches, there are reminders of good things. I need those reminders.  


I am still encouraging capes. They really do help and they’re pretty fun!  I guess I will have to wash my Batman shirt so it’s ready again on Wednesday! 

4 thoughts on “Diane and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! 

  1. HI Diane: I am a friend of your Aunt Jan’s. I just love her! She is awesome. She gave me this post to follow because been a little sad, she loves you very much. I am a nurse and I have worked and taught oncology. I understand what you are going through. Although today was bad I want you to remember that in a way it was really good. The fact that they found the leak before giving you chemo was a Godsend. If the chemo had exstravasated into your chest that would have been awful and painful. So I am grateful a good team that is watching over you. I always tell my daughters when they get upset about things “Remember the little things” , although, they seem irritating and frustrating, those little things that happen are really preventing bigger things from occurring in our lives and blessed little moments that keep us from stepping into the path of something disastrous. So the next time a “Little thing” happens, take a deep breath, count to twenty, and go on your way and be thankful. And think of your Aunt Jan’s cat Victoria flying overhead with a cape on to save the day, at least it will make you laugh!! You have a good evening and smile, okay, cause you are very loved and that in itself is worth smiling about. Jackie

    PS, if you feel up to it and want to take your mind off things, you can find my photos on g+ and best top photographer.com. Let me know what you think, hopefully they will make you smile!


    • Thanks for your response. We are counting our blessings for the excellent care and attention to detail. And I am thankful for the tenderness shown all day by the many techs, nurses, PA’s and physicians. It is good to be reminded of the little things as much of life is truly made up of little things.


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