Beauty in Simplicity

beauty in simplicity

Beauty in simplicity.  I’ve been mulling this phrase over in my mind since December 25th. Yes, Christmas preparations were quite a bit simpler this year in our home as we had plans to travels west to be with family shortly after the 25th. But it wasn’t the pared down decorations or amount of gifts that brought this phrase to mind.

If memory serves me it was on the 22nd of December that I received a phone call from a certain nephew letting me know that a wedding was going to take place on the 25th. The engagement had been announced the month prior and we rejoiced in the news. In many ways it did not come as a total surprise knowing the groom as I do.  I knew his bride to be was special, but her commitment to him was solidified when she agreed to the wedding being planned in three in simplicity7 And she was a stunning and radiant bride! To say it was a beautiful wedding is an understatement! It was small by today’s extravagant and sometimes excessive standards, but it was elegant and beautiful. The team of aunts and female cousins rallied around the bride and the mother-in-law to help with details,beauty in simplicity8 while the men did whatever they do. 🙂 As the day ended and we had celebrated together and we welcomed this new bride and an adorable flower girl and handsome ring bearer into the family, I remember thinking there was such beauty in the simplicity!

I could write on and on with my opinions about the extravagance of events and how I have been caught up in them at times and at other times have had a more simple grasp on things. I am certainly replaying the phrase “beauty in simplicity” over and again in my mind these days.

This past week as things did not go smoothly, I wondered why can’t it be easier. Why can’t it be simple? The lack of control was more than evident and it wouldn’t matter how excessive the plans and precision, it just wasn’t simple. There was nothing beautiful about it. The pain, the scars, the frustration — not pretty.


I was reminded once again of the beauty in simplicity when on Monday a friend stopped by and saw something she could do.  At that moment she was unaware of the complications and frustrations of my day. She simply saw something she could do, and she did it. And it was beautiful. Literally and figuratively, it was beautiful. She did not form a committee. She did not check to see if it was something she was passionate about. She did not broadcast her act of kindness. She did not hesitate. She simply saw something that she thought would brighten things and as she said “add some life” and she was right.

Thank you my friend, for taking some dreary, lifeless flower pots and filling them with beauty and in simplicity1 As I sit in my spot in the front room I can see the yellows, pinks, whites, and blues beauty in simplicity3and they remind me of someone who simply did something beautiful. I had not had the time nor energy to take care of them and you could see that. Thank you my friend, for touching my heart and for demonstrating to my heart the value of seeing a need and simply meeting it. Thank you my friend, for your children who helped with this gift in ways that may have been simple to them. Let them know how beautiful that simplicity is!

There have been so many acts of kindness demonstrated towards our family. It is truly humbling and from all of my family I say thank you.

After typing that last sentence I have paused trying to figure out how else to communicate how much your demonstrations have meant to me.  Thank you!

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