For Better, for Water in the Basement. For Richer, for Mounds of Insurance Forms.  In Sickness, for Better Days Ahead.

For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health.

for better for worse

It’s a good thing our traditional vows covered a broad spectrum. These vows are kind of an umbrella of everything that is life. All the daily things. It’s a good thing I married a man who meant every word of those vows.

Obviously, we are in knee deep in the sickness portion of this commitment. Quite frankly, it stinks. But as I have quietly reflected the past couple of weeks, working through the emotional/mental ups and downs of treatment, I am overcome with gratitude for my husband and his part in my treatment.

Yesterday I shed tears over a sump pump that wasn’t working and insurance bills/EOB’s/forms/etc. These things are enough to move me to tears on the best of days. Ground water in the basement is not a part of “for better.” Although the water issue stinks (seriously, the smell in the basement is not inviting)better of worse and although the stacks of insurance papers can send me towards an anxiety attack, it wasn’t these things themselves that moved me to tears.  I was again moved by the gracious and patient way that Tony has carried the big loads. He spent hours yesterday (after a very full week of work) in the humidity getting that pump working again to start getting the water out of the basement. He has waded through the mounds of insurance forms and made countless calls to handle what would have sent me over the edge. These things, on top of so many more. So many more!

I think he would be really upset if he knew I was writing all this. So I’m going to keep this short. 🙂

Life continues in the midst of sickness. That’s not all bad, as life can be really good. But when the worse, poorer and sickness parts of life seem to continue full force, life can be exhausting. We don’t always do the moments well, but we are doing them together.

We have expressed a lot of thoughts and feelings these past few months. As we approach our 28th anniversary in a couple of months, we still enjoying hanging out with each other. It’s nice to know we will get through this together. It’s comforting. It’s strengthening. It’s “for better”!

As a means to update: Last week I finished my fourth treatment. Officially 1/3 the way through scheduled treatments. Physically, treatments aren’t easy, but I’m getting through them. Thankfully, by Saturday I’m typically feeling like the days are better and the second week is much easier to navigate.  Emotionally, it’s hard to think of facing more treatments.  I do not like anything about them. I appreciate the support that has been offered in so many ways and I cannot tell you all enough how much it helps.

Thanks for caring about us. Please continue to pray for healing. Pray also for strength for each of us. Thanks!

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