taking pause


A brother is gone

A relationship is broken

Dreams are diminished

A mother’s heart is wounded

Health scares are faced

Souls are weary

Anxieties have surfaced

In past weeks, as the holiday season approached, it seemed as if every effort to embrace the festive spirit was interrupted by unwelcome news. Some news prompted a gasp and I had to catch my breath.  A friend who shared pain that is so deeply layered, caused me to breathe deeply and choose my response carefully.  I wanted to choose my words on purpose and with purpose.

My own Christmas season was interrupted, but not in these painful ways. I was not facing the pains that prompted gasps. Our routine was different than it had been in past years. Schedules were shifted and traditions were adjusted. These minor interruptions prompted many wonderful things. My interruptions offered extended game nights, quieter celebrations, simpler preparations, and shared moments that I will hold close. It also brought a delay in putting away the decorations.  And, now I am writing and extending the delay.

It took a while to accept the changes, as sometimes I wanted to resist the change. In truth, I pouted.  The pouting sessions were short-lived . I just didn’t want to have to rearrange or fix things or figure stuff out.  The funny thing is that it (the routine, schedule, etc) will probably all change again next year.  That is our season of life right now and it is okay.  Like many families, our family and the extended gang have schedules that make it interesting to coordinate. We didn’t have the large gathering this year. It just didn’t work. We didn’t have the big meal, and we all survived.  We sought to remove expectations and take in what we experienced.  It was all good! It was better than good!

The interruptions caused me to take pause. My minor alterations were so minor that they really aren’t worth much of my focus. But the pauses are more significant.  The pauses brought:

  • clearer focus
  • reminders of what is of value
  • time to take in the scenes playing out before me
  • laughter and tears
  • a reflective heart
  • less stress
  • clearer sense of priorities
  • reminders that others were facing much harder interruptions

I wish that the pauses would remove the pain my friend feels from losing a brother all too soon. I wish the pauses would mend the broken relationship. I wish the pauses would undo all the pain of life’s tough interruptions.  The pauses have reminded me to slow down a bit, remember the important lesson of living moment by moment, and to offer kindness, gentleness and encouragement in thepauses. 


I’m not much for resolutions or such, but I think I will focus a bit on taking pause.


I will take the pauses as reminders to encourage with kindness and gentleness.


May 2018 be a year that causes you to take pause as well!

5 thoughts on “taking pause

  1. This was the most incredible post. Life is so chaotic and hectic and you’re absolutely right: we need more pauses in life. In fact, in my latest post I actually talked about the necessity of stepping and spreading kindness wherever you can; I wish you the very best for 2018.


  2. Diane,,,,,taking pause,,, it really got to me   A few weeks ago we attended the memorial service of a 19 year old girl.An only child.I don’t know the cause of death. We had known her parents for years,only because he was a furnace contractor and a nice person.Had installed a furnace for us about 20 years ago.   I felt so sad for her mother,endless tears and an appreciation for those of us that tried to give comfort. I have no idea if she found any comfort with what we tried to say but I’m glad we were there.   Made me realize I should take pause and thank GOD for family, all the things he does for us daily.   THANK YOU for  sharing wise words.    unc tom    


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