About Me, at least a little bit


This is space to share words, on purpose.  I’m a lover of words, especially written words.  As the purpose of this page is to tell you about myself, I will share.  My name is Diane Gratopp and I’m a wife and a mother.  I’m a student, still learning and observing my surroundings and especially people in the view.  I am intrigued by people’s stories and I love soaking in new environments.  I know the world is bigger than my immediate surroundings and as an adventurer, I love the role that words play in taking me other places.

(I’m currently a cancer patient so many of my words and thoughts involve this aspect of my life.)

I am now post treatment — a survivor, yet I’m learning that I’m still a patient…cancer free, but still impacted.


5 thoughts on “About Me, at least a little bit

  1. HI Diane, it’s your cousin Melinda Smith Fiscus here. I hope you remember me, it’s been a while. My mom told me about the cancer and I just read your blog. You have touched my heart with your words – what a strong, wise and faithful woman you are. I will pray for you and your family throughout this journey. Keep writing – it’s good medicine, isn’t it? Love you.


  2. Hello Diane! I believe that you can kick that cancer out of your system with the right amount of faith and hope 😀 Let me share something about myself.. I also use writing for my depression. And it feels good to have an outlet for that.. Continue what you’re doing! We can conquer this! ❤

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