Shooting Par

Some say it’s an easy game

Ball in the cup

Shoot for par

Life is golf

Sometimes pleasant

Sometimes fierce

Teeing up

The sun shining

Finding footing with cleats in place

Driver ready

Comfortable practice swing

Eye on the pin, contact made

Spotting the ball

Proceed with clubs

Play as it lies

Teeing up

Rain, wind, more rain

Seeking footing with cleats in place

Driver ready

Familiar practice swing

Visibility limited, contact made

Proceed with clubs

Searching for the ball

Play as it lies

Come equipped

Be prepared

Make contact

Eye on the goal

Outfitted with experience

Proceed to dream

It’s not an easy game

The sky’s the limit

Shoot for the moon

In golf


In life

Way above par


In light of the recent Masters Tournament, this seemed like an appropriate time to pull this one out.

My oldest daughter played golf in high school and I learned a great deal following her on the course. This poem, while it appears simple visually, was rather complex to compose.  It certainly was one that took a lot of purpose when choosing words and word order.  I guess it fits on this blog — on purpose.

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